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Organics farming has emerged as an important priority area globally in view of the growing demand for safe and healthy food and long term sustainability and concerns on environmental pollution associated with indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides concerns the presence of acute toxic pesticide residues and suspected carcinogens in food as they have a tendency to survive in plants for a long time and also enter the food chain. Repeated use of chemical pesticide and fertilizers leads to soil infertility, eutrophication of water bodies and accumulation of toxic heavy metals in soil. Now we have realized that the use of chemical fertilizers is hazardous to soil, animals and human health and also deleterious to environment. The problem of pesticide residue is already a serious threat to health and environment in India. The incidence of pesticide residue is much higher in India than in developed countries.

Integrated pest management (IPM) and Integrated fertilizer management (IFM) techniques, including the use of biopesticides and biofertilizers is an important alternative to overcome this serious problem.

Our company was founded with the vision of improving the safety and quality of agriculture produce. The company was established with a mission of training and educating the farmers in the use of organics fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides growth promoters and growing of organic vegetables, organics cereals and organic pulses. Our products are designed keeping in mind all the environment concerns and ensure complete safety to health of human and protection of soil along with increasing its fertility. We have played a major role in the promotion of organic forming by manufacturing the supreme quality organic fertilizer, growth promoters and pesticides.